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All India Parents Association (AIPA)

The AIPA is organizing an ‘Aam Aadmi Dharna’ to highlight the
need for reform in School Education System

The Dharna will be held at RAJGHAT on October 09, 2011 from
10.00 AM to 1.00 PM, to demand:

1. Removal of disparities between various Government Schools and up-gradation of All
Government run schools all over the country to the minimum level of Kendriya
Vidyalayas (Central Schools).

2. Enactment of a Central Law to regulate the fees and other charges in unaided private
schools all over the country.

3. Resolution by the State Assemblies in support of the above issues.

4. Initiation of criminal proceedings against the erring private school managements
having been indicted by the CAG in its recent report in regard to 25 unaided private
schools of Delhi.

What AIPA strives to Achieve

The AIPA and Private schools both realize that power of private schools is derived from poor
conditions in the Government schools. Falling standards in government schools push people
towards private schools. In this kind of scenario on one hand where Private schools know that
parents have no other choice, therefore they can exploit them. On the other hand, AIPA
believes that salvation of children in all types of schools depends on improving government
schools, and bringing about greater equity in quality of all categories of schools.
The objective of All India Parents Association (AIPA) is loud and clear - to work for the
realization of the constitutional philosophy of equality, social justice and good quality

About AIPA

All India Parents Association (AIPA) was formed out of the conviction that all children
whether in Government schools or private schools, have a right to good education in
environments where their rights are protected. If that does not happen, then parents who have
entrusted their children to the system in good faith, can and should come together to support
one another in ensuring a caring and responsive educational system. Wherever children’s and
parents’ voices are heard, schools systems improve.

The Beginnings

In 1997, the unaided recognized private schools in Delhi on the pretext of Fifth Pay
Commission recommendations increased fees from 40% to 400% which shocked the middle
class whose wards were studying in these schools. For the first time in the history of India,
the middle class came together and raised their voice against the arbitrary fee hike by the
private schools. Consequently, an organization namely Delhi Abhivahak Mahasangh came
into existence which took forward the case of the parents against their exploitation at the
hands of the private schools. A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed through Advocate
Ashok Agarwal (National President AIPA) in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court highlighting the
exorbitant, arbitrary and unjust fee hike by the private schools resulting in violation of the
Right to Education of the children. The Hon’ble High Court in its Judgment dated 30.10.1999
rejected the arguments of the private schools and laid down parameters for determining
justified fees.

During this case, it was strongly felt that one of the major cause of exploitation of the hapless
parents by the private schools is that the standard of education in the Government schools has
gone down tremendously and the exploitation at the hands of the private schools cannot be
checked unless the standards of education in Government schools is improved to a
satisfactory level.

The Achievements

Therefore in 1997 itself, another PIL highlighting the absence of basic amenities in the
Government and Municipal schools in Delhi was filed in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court. This
petition was not only entertained but the Orders passed therein were monitored for more than
10 years by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court. Thereafter many other PILs were filed in the
Hon’ble Delhi High Court that resulted in to Regulation of Nursery Admission process,
Admissions of EWS students in to the schools which have taken land on concessional rates
from Government, Admission of Disable/ differently abled Students, Appointment of special
teachers schools, Infrastructural facilities for Disable/ differently abled Students and Filling
of vacancies of Teachers in Government/MCD Schools.

In 2008, once again the private schools not only in Delhi but all over the country increased
fees arbitrarily on the pretext of Sixth Pay Commission. This time it had given rise to an
agitation by the parents not only in Delhi but all over the country. The Delhi Government
issued an order allowing unaided private schools to increase fee without first scrutinizing
their accounts. Again a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed through Advocate Ashok
Agarwal in 2009 in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court challenging the Delhi Governments
arbitrary order. The Hon’ble High Court in its order dated 12-08-2011 upheld the contentions
of the Parents and constituted a committee to audit the accounts of all the unaided private
schools to see the justification of any Fee Hike. As a result of this PIL the Comptroller
Auditor General (CAG) for the first time exercised its statutory duty and audited the accounts
of 25 unaided private schools in Delhi and in its report indicted 23 out of 25 schools for gross
financial malpractices. With this rise of parents’ voices at an all India Level, the All India
Parents Association came into being. Since then, the AIPA has undertaken several Dharnas,
Rallies, Meetings, Seminars, etc. to highlight the issues relating to the Right to Education of
all children.

How you can Help

The AIPA strongly feels that parents, students and teachers must unite together to achieve the
ultimate goal of free and compulsory school education of good quality for all children.
While holding the Aam Aadmi Dharna at RAJGHAT on 9th October, 2011 between 10.00
AM to 1.00 PM, The AIPA also invites people at large and parents particularly to hold
corresponding Dharnas in front of the State Assemblies on the same date and time to
demand resolution from the Assemblies in support of the aforementioned issues and to
send the same to the Central Government.

All India Parents Association (AIPA)
Agarwal Bhawan, G. T. Karnal Road, Tis Hazari, Delhi‐110 054
9811101923, 9810133325

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