Saturday, March 23, 2013


Delhi High Court constituted Justice Anil Dev Singh Committee to determine the justifiability of fee-hiked in 2009 by unaided private schools of Delhi in its two interim reports submitted in the High Court has held that most of the private schools have unjustly and without actually requirement increased fee and other charges and directed refund of the same to the parents with 9% interest thereon. In view of these finding of the Committee, it would be advisable to all the parents to not to pay the hike fee in 2013-14, till a school gets prior approval of the hiked fee from Justice Anil Dev Singh Committee. The parents should note that there is no law permitting the schools to increase the fee every year by 10%. The law is that it can be increased or decreased depending upon the actual requirement of a school. Advocate Ashok Agarwal, National President, All India Parents Association (AIPA) M-09811101923


  1. Bhai Paramand Vidya Mandir, Surya Nagar, Delhi is also hike his fees. For KG: Last years fees was 17800 (Inclusive of Tution/Development/Annual Charges + 1300 for Transport charges: total Rs 19100. Now in year 2013-201, The Fees is 27000 + 2000 transport. And for Ist Year it is 20000 + 2000 for transport. Around 70-80 parents protested today at 11:00am in the school and principal and school management want some time to resolve this issue and but no confirmation on decrease the fees. On 08th April Monday at 10am, 70% parents will go to the school and again protest if fees will not decrease. We want ur help on this and also want media to cover all the things which will happen on 08th April 2013 at 10am.

  2. Bhai Parmanad Vidya Mandir School Fees Details 2013-14
    Ist Year:
    School Fees: Rs 24000 pa (Rs 2000 per month)
    Annual Fees: Rs 11000 pa
    Development charges: Rs 3000 pa
    Transport charges: Rs 24000 pa (Rs 2000 per month)
    Total fees= Rs 62000 pa

    Development charges hike + annual fees hilke + Transport charges hike as per last year.Transport charges last year was Rs 1300 now it is Rs 2000.

  3. Hi,

    Need a clarity, Can anyone tell me if it is mandatory for getting a nod from the education board for a private Un-Aided school before increasing the Fees or tution fees. Also if there is a rule stating that only an "X" % of increase is permitted for all class across the school or can they have varied % for them.

    Mrs Chakravarthy

  4. Mt. Colubmus School, Dakshin Puri, New Delhi also hike FEE for all classes (6th to 9th)
    without any reason...

    Kindly clear that is there any rule for increase fee or tution fee & annual charges, and how can we fight against this?

    Satish Koli

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